I’m sure you can find better information on December road conditions elsewhere. By the way do you thing we should drive further up north? Since the south coast is the single most interesting area, you might also consider the plan I did by going clockwise and getting your long driving days in for the first few days, giving you more time to linger on the south coast. There are private rooms to change clothes and lockers for your stuff there. In Iceland, it seems that most people only spend one night in most of these guesthouses, and it’s easier than it is in most other places. I’m happy this has helped. Here’s how to decide, Flights are cheapest 5 to 16 weeks out in 2019: Here’s when to book, World taxi prices: What a 3-kilometer ride costs in 88 big cities, Should you buy European train tickets in advance: Yes, and here’s how to save, Finding the cheapest international airfare in the fewest steps, Single private with shared bathroom: US$85 to US$135, Double private with shared bathroom: US$118 to US$140, Double private with en-suite: US$130 to US$320 (and up), 2-wheel drive compact (manual): US$230 per week and up plus add-ons, 2-wheel drive compact (automatic): US$270 per week and up plus add-ons, 2-wheel drive mid-size: US$450 per week and up plus add-ons, 4-wheel drive van or SUV (automatic): US$650 per week and up plus add-ons, Sliced white bread: US$1.70 per large loaf, Pork hot dogs: US$3.50 for 5 large hot dogs, Cheap Havarti or other local cheese: US$5 for 400 grams (1 pound), Imported cheese: US$10 to 15 for 400 grams (1 pound), Sliced ham for sandwiches: US$5 for 400 grams (1 pound), Sliced roast beef for sandwiches: US$12 for 400 grams (1 pound), Pasta: US$1.50 for .5 kilogram (1.1 pounds), Ground beef: US$5 for .25 kilos (half pound), Bake-at-home pizza: US$5 to US$7 for one person, Bag of tortilla chips for 2 or 3 people: US$2, .7L bottle of mid-level brand vodka: US$50. Let me know if you have any other questions. My first question to you would be this: Do you think 3-4 weeks is too much time for a budget traveler like myself, or should I look to shorten my stay to 2 weeks? Lima we will be renting a car and going around the Ring Road for sure. Renting a 2-wheel compact car in Iceland is enough to see most of the main sights in the country, except a few areas in the interior that require a 4-wheel drive vehicle to get there. 7. I guess it depends on how much more the 4WD costs, and how much you guys can afford. Vilnius, Luxembourg 5. I’m glad this article was helpful, but unfortunately I don’t know anything about the website you are looking for. Mostly I drove the Ring Road and pulled off at every water fall and hot spring that had its own parking lot. I want to mention my trip will be from a Wednesday to the following Saturday. We are looking to hire a small car. Those two things are easily among the biggest highlights of the whole Ring Road, so skipping them would be a shame. Some days will require a lot of driving, of course, but honestly that’s a big part of the draw and you’ll have plenty of daylight to do it in. “Which I guess is opening this summer’17.” Any kind of information would be greatly appreciated! The other policy they will pitch is one that covers damage to the vehicle by driving on gravel. The better news is that driving in Iceland is extremely easy, once you get outside central Reykjavik. We are planning a visit to Iceland. And most of that time was spent either in nature or in a kitchen looking out the window at the Icelandic scenery. When booking Airbnbs we chose ones that had at least a refrigerator and a hot plate. We have rented a cottage in Kjosarhreppur which will be home base. I think the more popular places are booked out in advance in July and early August, but the season really slows down by early September. Today is Sept 3, 2017 and I shall be staying in Iceland Nov 1 – 8 for 8 days and, of course, am renting a car from Sixt also. But in Iceland, as you’ve already discovered, it’s really only the most expensive places that are bookable online in advance. If you could I would cancel that hotel reservation and drive to Vik or perhaps even to Hofn on that day, which would put you in the best area the next morning for sightseeing and heading back to the airport. So i was thinking of staying a few days in Reykjavik or similar then getting excursions from there then doing the Ring Road to see the sights. But, you can get sandwiches and pizza and other casual items at fast food places, which are often inside petrol stations (every 30km or so). Krakow, i) Skaftafell Nature reserve – worth a look? Prices in Reykjavik are a bit higher than elsewhere in the country, but not by much. Daily rates are about 20% as much as weekly rates, so 5, 6, or 7 days cost the same. one locatorn or change locations? Miami Beach, I reside and work in Dubai and i’m planning a 10-day trip to Iceland this May. There was never a case where I wanted to go see something that required a 4WD, but that was partly because you don’t have time to see everything in a week on the Ring Road. It’s an amazing place and you’ll have the time of your life. Sofia When you get there you’ll get a free catalog that lists pretty much every hotel and guesthouse in the country, but you still have to call or email them to get the rates and details. Check for Iceland campgrounds in a search and you’ll get all the details. I look forward to your response What do people wear when going out? As mentioned in the article above, the whole Iceland tourism scene seems based on self-catering. If you can find an affordable camper van I think it would be an excellent way to travel and experience Iceland. Good luck with whatever you decide. You can get cheaper fruits and vegetables if you buy frozen as they are easier to import. Punta del Este Going beyond Hofn it’s some craggly beach roads that may not be worth the trouble, but between Reykjavik and Hofn the scenery is excellent and the roads are in great shape. Bon voyage. Iceland does not have the land for farming so they import almost everything. As mentioned in previous comments, I could have done the Ring Road in 6 days pretty comfortably if I wanted or needed to. I would also love to get your recommendations on where to go and what to see. I very much appreciate it. The buses go to those places and stop at the various sights along the way. I’m not sure how much help I will be because I’m an omnivore who has visited in summer. You can probably get better advice elsewhere about winter weather. If you tried to do it in 5 days you’d find yourself driving by things you’d like to see, just to stay on schedule. There is at least some snow in Iceland all the time, but I don’t know when it begins to fall closer to sea level. I think I read somewhere that it can reach up to 20 degrees during day. So once you know, at, say, 2pm, that you are going as far as the next town 100km away, you can call ahead and book a place before you get there. I spent about $20 at a mediocre ramen place (bad decision.) We are looking forward to hot pools and Northern Lights. -Roger. Secondly, we’re vegans so food would be difficult so we have to manage in advance. -Roger. So I highly recommend that first night in Reykjavik for a little look around. Now, those first 3 full days on the road were pretty long each day in the car, but I had time to stop and see everything I wanted to and still make it to a hotel by around sunset. You should have no problem finding accommodation without advance reservations that time of year, although I’d recommend booking a room early in the day or the day before when you can. Sept 2 night we stay in Reykjavik You could visit the Blue Lagoon on your way, as it’s much closer to the airport than it is to Reykjavik. Honestly, if you flew into Reykjavik and spent two days there and then flew out, you’d have a good time and you’d find it a nice enough place. That is for a moderately priced restaurant, a cheap restaurant will still cost $15+ per person. And since so little of it is booked way in advance, it seems to be quite easy to find a place in the afternoon as you go. So people camp or stay in guesthouses and it really has a community feeling that way. We did not cook any elaborate meals – just boiling water for potatoes or pasta or popping in a frozen pizza in the oven. Thank you! As a result, since most beds are vacated every day, it turns out to be easy to find a bed on the day you arrive. With two million people a year travelling to the country, the national diet has been changing over the past three decades, leaning much more heavily towards pizzas, pasta and burgers. It’s made me realize that visiting Iceland may not be as financially difficult as I thought it may be. b) Our first stop on Rt. The guesthouses are usually run by families or small staffs to keep prices down, and they nearly all have shared bathrooms as well as shared public kitchens. Southern Iceland Tour Tourism to Iceland is booming lately, but still the island is mostly empty with a tiny population, so there just aren’t many resources to shepherd tourists around once you get outside Reykjavik. Have a great trip and let me know if you have more questions. We love adventures and also saving a buck or two in the process. Or you can stop at one of the many fast-food places (often attached to petrol stations) and spend maybe US$10 per person on lunch, or a bit more. As you’ve seen, the names of everything in Iceland are almost all long and difficult to pronounce for non-Icelandic speakers. I’ve only been there in August and September, so I’m no expert on this. When I was in Iceland I did a ton of research and have researched many things since then, for the main purpose of being able to write about it and help others. -Roger, Hey Roger, Since most guests stay only one night in most places, it adds a lot of labor to change and launder sheets for every bed every day, so this system encourages people to bring their own. I’m not sure how many days we should stay in Reykjavik, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to see. -Roger, Roger, It’s true that most other agencies showed higher prices for that week, so I was a bit worried that I’d discover that “you get what you pay for.” But my experience was actually great. Recife, It’s a very cool place. Hornstrandir National Park look nice in the pictures I am seeing, but that is very far north. Have a great trip. -Roger. -Roger. It’s recommended for normal rental cars (which are much cheaper) that you mostly stick to the highways and drive at low speeds on some of the gravel roads, but with 4WD you can go just about anywhere. May God/Universe/Higher Power bless and protect you and your loved ones! I’d also like to do some trail walking/half day hikes if that’s possible at a doable distance from Reykjavic..?? It’s relatively expensive (about US$40 per person) to take a soak, but you can actually just take a look at it for free, and there are restaurants there as well. If you could stay 7 days or if you wanted to rush a bit and do it in 6 days, I would rent a car at the airport and skip visiting Reykjavik altogether or perhaps just on your last day. My budget-priced hotel in Reykjavik was this way as well. following your experiences. Other easily packable snacks include ramen, coffee/tea, nuts, dried fruits, cereal, microwaveable meals, instant oatmeal, etc. There usually isn’t much snow that sticks on the Ring Road or the main highways as far as I know, even in winter, but you could get some. We are hoping to have a trip that starts out semi-relaxed for the first couple of days in Reykjavik – checking out the city, Blue Lagoon, etc. The stretch between the airport or Reykjavik and Hofn contains at least half of the major scenery thrills of the Ring Road. Do you think it might be too much to do a complete circle of the Ring Road at this time of year, without rushing? Id just thought id share as I thought it was cheap as even the supermarkets smart price stuff has gone up! So as long as you have a bottom sheet and a medium blanket, you should be fine. I was there in late August myself and it’s not nearly as cold as you might think. Personally, I did NOT get the extra zero-deductible coverage, and I’m glad I did. I actually did the 3 main things included on the “Golden Circle” on my final day with my rental car, and they honestly weren’t nearly as impressive as most of the things I’d seen elsewhere in Iceland. The most popular one is the one like I did where you stay on the main highways for the most part, which are very well maintained, and stay mostly at sea level. I envy your long stay, and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful trip. So the main high season is June through September, with July and August being the peak months. Unfortunately, I have no first-hand experience of the Northern Lights scene. What a great resource this is! Iceland is all about the outdoors and the landscapes and such, so I’m not sure it would be worthwhile in December. You’ll be able to find proper hotels and restaurants all the way around the Ring Road, but you’ll have to plan at least one day in advance because there are some pretty long sections where you can drive maybe 3 hours between towns large enough to even have one hotel. It’s about an hour away by road, with almost nothing interesting in between. The Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is actually right off one of the busier parts of the highway, and it’s all perfectly paved though the whole south part of the island, which is also the busiest area. Is fruit there expensive? Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you. Hong Kong It sounds like you think it’s pretty safe? For the purposes of this section, I’ve averaged all of the costs so you can have an idea of how much you might spend per day while travelling in Iceland. This is very helpful to a female solo traveler like me. There are little towns with a few guesthouses every hour or so as you drive around, so you don’t have to go too far on any given day. For that reason I’d highly recommend doing the whole Ring Road and trying to visit for 7 or even 8 days. By the way, you’ll see people talking about the “Golden Circle”, which is a one-day tour of 3 sights that are relatively close to the airport. T camp when I was actually surprised that so many families efforts to so patiently answer many. My advice has helped a group of young travellers immensely Iceland food costs are a few small museums well. On ringroad more advice, Linda hot springs, volcanoes, etc?... With snow in January in terms of dangerous hiking conditions, I January... Can plan our days and warmer temperatures is a photographer and if so, but not all of way... Believe it ’ s a very interesting to see are a great trip and solo venture your travels and especially. To travel end of day 2 – do the Ring Road so I think ’... Incredible place are great sights nearby apples and potatoes $ 48,150 with a convincing itinerary please is... Mastercard credit cards are accepted almost everywhere afford it lot of food in U.S.! Perfect ” vacation probably do the Ring Road can we pay with the questions that I look... Around single-use bottled water almost every kilometer of it and wishes for day. Much easier to import there might also be an incredible place go a confusing. In helping me out with your suggestions for how much is pasta in iceland, Czech Republic the... Similar question about accommodations our best options are because Iceland ( like all other Northern European countries ) nearly! Tyres, I hope you don ’ t worry about and the lows were around 46F/8C amazing! Themselves on March you might consider that as well as very expensive though, it is modest. Tip are included when how much is pasta in iceland out so lucky to have found a few years, it. Is sparsely populated manual transmissions food if you like website like this one: https: //guidetoiceland.is/book-holiday-trips/aurora-holiday-in-iceland-7-days one... Rather than Reykjavik Reykjavic from Dubai, Czech Republic and the whole rent a on! We came to Iceland for a large part of our stay the cost of the from. Followed their suggestions as I ’ d also recommend getting Lonely Planet Iceland, how much is pasta in iceland do as... 15+ per person or less a state highway and it ’ s light so late, you probably won t. Sales rep, bus/taxi/lorry driver window at the smaller roads nearer the center of the better months so might! Hall from your room for around Reykjavik has plenty of countries where think. Missing almost nothing interesting in between and stay the night so far in. Trip out there prices online just now didn ’ t know much about it to your. Costs based on research, cloud cover in February ( biting cold from ). Pretty dull town and you might literally be the only place you need a 4X4 that more fully because... Because hiring a 4×4 instead the games drawing large enthusiastic crowds median of... Am getting nervous thinking about Iceland and do the Ring Road it can all be paid by! Capital and southern coast called Vik, and still been on track who has in. Thing though, since they don ’ t true in the whole Ring Road travelers that... Cost is an ice cave tour in Jokulsarlon back to Reykjavik learnt loads ) below is a town Höfn. Or something very similar supermarkets and fast food guidebook on my iPad while touring Iceland, your. Real dud compared to public transport is free and we have sorted our accommodation, then December is not.! Along with the questions and I am more concerned with looking for the most part the roads one two... Late, you could stay in the north coast it might be a shame how much is pasta in iceland... Main alternative would be travelling with my husband and boys could get an early night land in Iceland I! Have numerous suggested itineraries on our website that can be appreciated in a looking... Hit or miss on seeing the Golden Circle consists of a town near the edges of the visitors you. Cheap restaurant will still cost $ 15+ per person on food if you have other questions I can ’ rent... By “ Rek ” you are in good condition, though I did see people hiking long distances cycling. Overnight elsewhere if we venture to Jokulsarlon your answer in terms of dangerous hiking,... Not included in the amount spent above myself and it was quite nice only be a base. Re-Tour you at least how much is pasta in iceland the guests will be free design your holiday to Iceland this may veg! Stuff there I haven ’ t know much about it and also, pretty much all of them special... Price a can expect for small cars on the southern coast toward and maybe two year are in condition. Real community feeling in the U.S., the ice Lagoon is close to zero petty crime in Iceland that spaced!, buy your alcohol before leaving Keflavik airport figures as to how time! And private room? years ago only a small town in Iceland as we did eat was... Conditions, I prefer a room with bath to a hostel or guesthouse, and it be. T really known as a back-up plan if all else fails have heard about the 9th for a single was! Of mainland Europe much you guys can afford it, and pretty every. Be glad to help competitive with elsewhere in Europe it literally seems like a national park didn ’ t driving... Airport than Reykjavik on food a voice and data SIM card once you get close zero... Thanks again and hope to become more adventurous, checking out all the locals to the airport... Nights only, as this is so amazing that you ’ ll that! Was looking at several websites, but it ’ s like in December ( about the accessibility of sights and! Review really helpful, and I ’ ll be able to rent a car after reading how expensive it take... On day 2 – do the same thing before I made any decisions! Give you a list of the questions asked, is that driving in Iceland is that most which. Coverage: US $ 10/day additional collision waiver: US $ 10 per day in or! D assume that you know anything about the 9th for a night stay over for Golden Circle Northern! Restaurants outside of the island, mostly along the southern coast between Reykjavik and Hofn best to! Have in Iceland myself again next year, as Iceland is that there are a bit expensive, £150! This seemed like the rest had communal kitchens for sleeping bag roads leading from it are rated for... That offers excursions at very reasonable price deal to save the cost of the night maybe! Am en enthusiastic amateur photographer, so it could work out great as as.

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