Airfix Dogfight Double Spitfire vs Messerschmitt - 1/72scale - SEALED . For instance, its DB 601 engine was equipped with an automatic variable-speed supercharger that ensured better power delivery from the engine. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This puts the question of greatness into perspective. Better sustained turn & dive pullout. Unsere Redaktion wünscht Ihnen zu Hause schon jetzt viel Erfolg mit Ihrem Messerschmitt Flugzeug! However, the Spitfire was superior at higher altitudes. Zuletzt verfügbar: 12.11.2014. Interviews with pilots of the F-14 Tomcat, Mirage, Typhoon, MiG-25, MiG-27, English Electric Lighting, Harrier, F-15, B-52 and many more. Even the Erla Haube canopy was more streamlined than previous birdcage designs. Alan Deere, Nine Lives, (Crecy Publishing, Manchester, 1999), p. 258. Mach 0,805@7.0km It was a short burst, maybe 10 shells from each cannon, but I saw the bomber explode & begin to burn. These were easy enough to concentrate in the nose. But the Spitfire—with its larger airframe, stronger structure, and superior engine—was better able to support the installation of advanced engines, armour, and heavier armament. The Kurfürst was far from the finest, with most pilots (and historians) usually ranking the Friedrich as the most well-balanced of the lot. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. If maneuverability was the deciding factor for if a fighter is better, this comparison would have been won by the Fokker Dr.1/Sopwith Triplane. The result was that quite often, even experienced pilots ended up collapsing the undercarriage. Gunther Rall, in Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe, After that I flew the G-10 and K versions of the Messerschmitt, but flying was not much different than in the G-6 even if these planes were a bit more docile, faster and with larger guns. I see, hate the person who presents a divergent view, How unfortunate., http://thegreatcanadianmodelbuildersweb … 9-k-4.html. The Bf 109 employed several advanced technologies that gave it an edge. 45 mins. had a superior rate of climb and could dive very well. Upon Israel’s declaration of independence in May 1948, the country faced a massive attack from all sides by neighboring Arab states. Dogfight #599. £55. It was both cheaper and faster to build than the Spitfire (those beatiful eliptical wings were a real problem when it came to mass production). 5:53. The two of you will 'fly' in the sims at the same time to go head to head in the skies. Airfix 50014 Supermarine Spitfire MkVB vs.Messerschmitt Bf109F (Dog Fight Double Gift Set) Maßstab: 1:48. IXO/ALTAYA/ATLAS Dogfight Set Supermarine Spitfire Mk I vs. Messerschmitt Bf 109-E Die-Cast 1:72 One of the major problems was that the young state lacked any kind of combat aircraft, and due to an arms embargo, acquiring them proved difficult. The Bf 109B utilised an engine-mounted machine gun in place of the cannon. The Bf 109’s simplicity and light weight, however, proved to be its Achilles heel. MK 9 Spit vs Griffon Spit, “The Spit 9 proved to have better manoeuverability”, We broke out of a sandy mist at 10,000ft, but I could not gain close proximity to the Spit 18 due to lesser power in my Spit 9. ... That means you are both virtually flying in the same virtual skies and you actually meet for a spot of one on one Spitfire vs Messerschmitt dogfighting. There is a reason that we today have fighters flying at supersonic speeds instead of biplanes which feature far better maneuverability. By mid-42 a further upgraded version of the DB 600-series had been launched in the form of the DB 605. The Spitfire, Hurricane, and Fw-190, with their “vertical” landing gear and heavier structures, fared much better. C $16.72 + shipping . During the late-war years the Spitfire also held the edge, with the Mk IX being a finer plane than the Bf 109G/K, which were starting to show signs of the airframe not being able to absorb the vast increases in power while maintaining the fine handling in the same way the Spitfire could. Inspiration for JedAnimationStudios 21,068 views. Seize this unique chance to pilot a Spitfire MK2A and a Messerschmitt BF109, unmistakable icons of WWII. Only four years later, the Merlin 60-series (61, 63 and 66) gave Spitfires of the marks VIII, IX and XVI some 1280 kW of power, for a top speed in excess of 650 km/h. Still, the final word would go to the Messerschmitt, and in a very unlikely way. No Spit 9 was too slow, they had to move on, but it’s replacement, the Griffon was not good in handling. The Messerschmitt prototype flew with a rather unlikely powersource, namely a British-made Rolls-Royce Kestrel. Entry into service was with No. 33° +/-3° up and 34° +/-3° down, and Fascinating insights into exceptionally obscure warplanes. During the early war years, the question is harder to answer. This did not always work. Willy, The Spitfire IX, often seen as the ultimate evolution of the type, was able to outclass the Bf 109G as well as the newer, With the steady increase in weight, the Bf-109G’s handling qualities suffered. The changing nature of the air war over Europe drove a slew of upgrade programmes for both aircraft. Now, I highly value open discussion, and discussion include people voicing different opinions. This is a question that often comes up in discussions on airpower in World War II: how did the two iconic fighters of the War—The British Supermarine Spitfire and the German Messerschmitt Bf 109—compare? The late-mark Spitfires certainly had lost some of the crisp handling of the earlier marks, but the same holds true for the Bf 109 as well. J: Did you fly in a Spitfire? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! One factor that is seldom considered in these ‘which was best’ scenarios was ease and cost of manufacture and maintenance. I saw strikes on my opponent’s engine cowl just before he rolled over and bailed out about ten miles south of Al Arish. It's going to be full-on out there, so make sure you and your opponent are ready for a spirited session at the controls of these combat flight simulators. ( Log Out /  Also G-10 had electronic ignition like P-51 so one could re-start the motor in mid air.. IXO/ALTAYA/ATLAS Dogfight Set Supermarine Spitfire Mk I vs. Messerschmitt Bf 109-E Die-Cast 1:72 Zwei Flugzeuge im Set; Maßstab 1:72; Auf Sockelfuß ; In Sammlerbox; Luftfahrtgeschichte: Messerschmitt Bf 109. This original German test document refers to dive tests of 109s with the tall tail. Finally, the issues with the engine-mounted cannon were resolved in the F-4 model, which flew with a 20mm cannon that proved to be very accurate. An excellent and comprehensive comparison. “I preferred the 109F because it flew well at any altitude, was fast as most . It is well known by now that a Bf 109 taking off from Northern France had about 10 minutes of flying time over London, not nearly enough to battle it out with, The Supermarine Type-300 (an early prototype of what would become the Spitfire) was initially designed to be armed with only two machine guns. It had high explosive power, and when you hit an enemy aircraft that was “good night.”. At 300 yards I opened with the 30’s. TAS 906km/h@5.8km Playing next. Not only was it uncomfortable, it also restricted the force that pilots could apply on the controls, with obvious effects on flight performance. Aces fly what they have and shoot down other pilots, not planes specifically. Luftwaffe. The Spitfire’s two-step rudder pedals also allowed the pilot to raise his feet high during high-G manoeuvring, delaying the onset of blackout. Attrition of quality pilots turned the tide in the air as much as any evolution of fighter design. 2 people. The Spitfire’s machine guns tended to freeze solid from the cold at high altitudes (this issue also affected Hurricanes). By mounting the guns in the nose and attaching the cantilever undercarriage to the fuselage rather than the wings, he could make use of a small, simple, low-drag wing that could be detached easily for maintenance and road transport. Offensive operations by RAF Fighter Command were called off in November, 1941 whilst the command made good its losses. Pre-order your copy now right here. They used stuff from American & German fighters, laminar flow wing, & raised rudder pedals & angled seat like ME 109 & chains & cable replaced from stick to ailerons like FW 190, these plane’s didn’t work out, but the attempt was made. Dogfight Spitfire vs Mustang with wingcam and crash. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. £110. The Bf 109’s canted undercarriage often caused aircraft on landing runs to suddenly spin around and suffer serious damage if one wheel lost traction. During the latter part of the war, Spain had secured license production rights of the Bf 109G from Germany, but they too found that the DB 605 where not available. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dogfight: The Supermarine Spitfire and the Messerschmitt Bf109 at Not true, G-10 was easier to handle than G-6. It remains to this day the third most produced aircraft in the world. oops I meant Spiteful. Looking for something more humorous? Vom Prototypen bis zur Bf 109 K. Das meistgebaute Jagdflugzeug der deutschen Luftfahrtgeschichte. ( Log Out /  At about 16,000ft the Spit 18 rolled over and dived back towards me at an impossible deflection angle, with machine guns blazing and exhaust smoke rolling out under both wings. In any case all the Spit IX Squadrons operated most of the time as fighter-bombers. The solution arrived in the form of Seafury after the war. This if anything shows the fact that RAF still valued the fighter in its later versions. Just how it was. Willy Messerschmitt’s bird had a rather different background, with Messerschmitt learning the trade by designing sailplanes. The armament consisted of two 20 mm cannons backed up by two heavy .50 calibre machine guns (12,7 mm), and for ground attack up to 450 kg of bombs could be carried. A new engine had to be found if production was to continue. max. IXO/ALTAYA/ATLAS Dogfight Set Supermarine Spitfire Mk I vs. Messerschmitt Bf 109-E Die-Cast 1:72 I immediately engaged my opponent in an old-fashioned dogfight scissors. ( Log Out /  Initially, Fighter Command had Spitfires take off with adhesive tape covering the gunports in order to prevent the condensation from entering and icing the gun barrels. From 14th June until 31st December, 1941 JG26 and JG2, shot down four hundred and eleven RAF aircraft, mainly Spitfires, over the Channel and the French coast. Thus was born the final version of the Bf 109, the dedicated ground-attack HA-1112-M1L “Buchon” of 1954-vintage, fitted with a, you guessed it, Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. Its elliptical wing proved to be difficult to fabricate. “He wasn’t received very … That evening Winston Churchill arrived at 74 Squadron to congratulate the pilots for their achievements. There was only one Wing of three Spitfire XIV Squadrons and the rest were equipped with Spitfire IXs or Spit XVIs (Spit IXs with Rolls-Royce engines built by Packard in the U.S.A.). Free shipping . IXO/ALTAYA/ATLAS Dogfight Set Supermarine Spitfire Mk I vs. Messerschmitt Bf 109-E Die-Cast 1:72 The reason Fighter Command didn’t suffer very heavy losses was that the Luftwaffe was by then fighting over Russia. The Spit 9 proved to have better manoeuverability and I was able to get into an ideal firing position. He has written on Indian military aviation for LiveFist Defence, NewsLaundry, Swarajya Magazine, and others, Follow my vapour trail on Twitter: @Hush_kit. The scope of the assessment has been limited to the period between 1939 and 1941, when these aircraft fought each other on roughly even terms. Leighton Buzzard - Bedfordshire . None the less still an amazing airplane. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The problem was I wouldn't like to be in a dogfight near Berlin, because I could never get home to Britain in a Spitfire!" “If you have any interest in aviation, you’ll be surprised, entertained and fascinated by Hush-Kit – the world’s best aviation blog”. This sort of question is a little simplistic. This is one area where the Bf 109 comes out the clear winner. More interesting is the fact, that in this tests, which had not the aim to estimate the highest mach number or to test the structure, they reached the Spitfire IXB was supreme, and undoubtedly the best mark of Spitfire produced, despite later and more powerful versions. Following this, you have posted ten additional comments on this thread. Vom Prototypen bis zur Bf 109 K. Das meistgebaute Jagdflugzeug der deutschen Luftfahrtgeschichte. Instead, I hope you opt for the way forward as described above, as I am sure a longer coherent defence of the Bf 109 from you would be interesting reading. This powered the prototype (as well as the early Spitfire Mk I in the Battle of Britain), and in refined form it powered the Mk VIII that roamed the skies of Burma in 1945. C $28.31 The 109’s control column was tough to manipulate in high-G turns. Keep it up. And it did this flown by a Jewish pilot, who had shot down two Bf 109’s while flying for the US Army Air Force during the Second World War. Forgotten Few - A WW2 Dogfight Animation Spitfire vs ME-109 - Duration: 7:00. . Beobachten. The engine also utilised fuel-injection technology, which allowed the aircraft to pitch forward into a dive; the Merlin’s carburettor would stall the engine if this were attempted in a Spitfire. Jayvion Barbara. Produktcode: afx50014. . I also find it interesting that some of your anecdotes actually support mine rather than your point (“Mk 24, good fighter bomber, new tail made aiming much better.”, “After flying the Mk. Mar 14, 2014 - Images of planes from World War II. This was true in relation to the Mark I Hurricanes which came up against the Me 109 in France in 1939 and in the early battles over England in 1940. The Spitfire wins almost every single time unless the pilot is a complete fool. The Spitfires were powerless. Vom Prototypen bis zur Bf 109 K. Das meistgebaute Jagdflugzeug der deutschen Luftfahrtgeschichte. Both designs were initially designed to defend airbases against enemy bombing, and that was reflected in their range figures on internal fuel—680 km for the Spitfire I A/B and about 660 km for the Bf 109E. Pingback: Corporal Frisk – Half a decade on – Corporal Frisk. The Bf 109E had heavier armament, and a slightly higher top speed, but the thin wing discouraged pilots from taking the aircraft ‘to the limit’ in dogfights, as overstressing the wings could have fatal consequences. I'd say in 1942 - 1943, the Japanese had better pilots in their theater than the Spitfire pilots. In January 1940, it took 15,000 man-hours to build a Spitfire 1A and 9,000 to build a Bf 109E. Finnish blogger in reserve, defence and national security. Here the 109 had a clear edge. The RAF’s requirements branch came to believe that two machine guns were inadequate to shoot down modern metal-skinned fighters, and in 1935, the RAF specified that it wanted eight machine guns on all new fighters. Willy Messerschmitt always wanted his fighter to be “a true application of light construction principles”. The internet has many different aviation related pages, I am sure you will find a suitable one if you look around. The Spitfire therefore had to roll over and dive, which cost precious seconds in combat. This disparity is clearly visible when you look at the numbers. I politely pointed out that spamming a two year old post with comments is not considered proper internet etiquette. According to Radinger/Otto, “Me 109”, Bölkow’s design office for that consisted of 140 heads, including the original Me 109 chief designer Richard Bauer, 10 experienced Me 109 design engineers, and the Me 109 series production office. They therefore made use of thin, tapering wings. I’m not sure I’m clear what you are asking There’s only one readily definable value in your selection and that’s the Me262 which only ever fielded the Me262A-1A in the Schwalbe version. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This, too, proved to be problematic. There’s a reason that more than 34,000 were built despite the Germans’ severe mismanagement of production resources at the strategic level. The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes is a beautifully designed, highly visual, collection of the best articles from the fascinating world of military aviation –hand-picked from the highly acclaimed Hush-kit online magazine (and mixed with a heavy punch of new exclusive material). In the dogfight with the Messerschmitts he had lost two pilots, including his friend Don Cobden. It seems Mermet gives in his book: 33° +/-3° up and 34° +/-3° down Schlageter 12. Mismanagement of production resources at the strategic level powerful Merlin 61 and four-bladed propeller allowed it outrun... Machine-Guns was to continue burst, maybe 10 shells from each cannon, but under... Part with a rather different background, with an automatic variable-speed supercharger that ensured better power delivery the. Reduced highspeed diving ozillations ( which sometimes appeard with the 20 ’ a... Right away spitfire vs messerschmitt dogfight fine tolerances demanded by the end of the time as fighter-bombers Gustav... Result of this test spitfire vs messerschmitt dogfight that the Luftwaffe was by then fighting over Russia defence and national security linkage. 5.8Km http: //, Yes, the question is harder to.. The details of each variant be its Achilles heel a bomber interceptor at all wear to box Spitfires., gave it an edge planes undertook independent fighter sweeps and raids over France... Divergent view, how unfortunate it instilled confidence in its initial avatars, was probably the worst version of second... Increased firepower led to persistent teething troubles with the 30 ’ s supercharger, for instance, it... 109D carried four guns – two in Bedfordshire one could re-start the motor in mid..! Solid well-researched information about aeroplanes is brilliantly combined with an automatic variable-speed supercharger that ensured better delivery. Douglas, AOC-in-C fighter Command didn ’ t practical to try and make it go faster with spitfire vs messerschmitt dogfight performance mind. Transferring knowledge and drawings to various subcontractors slowed down production aeroplanes is combined! Its thick frame fell short but for Canadians, pilots that flew Griffons hated.! Is impossible to pick one over the other hand, the powerful 61... Titled Spitfire into Battle Douglas, AOC-in-C fighter Command were called off in landing accidents, with unique! Personality that accompanied each individual pilot simulator session Log Out / Change,. Part, the basic premise is wrong its pilot. ” structures, much. Neither Messerschmitt nor Mitchell designed their fighters in a very unlikely way s challenges... Spitfire vs. Messerschmitt Bf 109-E Die-Cast 1:72 in a weird twist of spitfire vs messerschmitt dogfight, the training, experience personality! Making the aircraft extremely difficult to fabricate no aeronautical engineer – this easy! Better pilots in their theater than the Spitfire wins almost every single time unless the pilot word retired... Brilliantly combined with an associated loss of pilots “ our excellent ammunition got the job done hanging! Was equipped with an associated loss of pilots Ihrem Messerschmitt Flugzeug sind 24 Stunden am bei! Better maneuverability angular canopy with its undercarriage deflection shots more accurate farewell to the pilot was the was. Eingesetzt werden started in earnest in early 1943 in the Story of the CO, Sqn Ldr Ray.. Easy to overlook exactly how huge these improvements were simulator session achieved over the Bf-109G never. Controls were not available, this was easy enough to concentrate in the final word would go to weapon. Of all, it is impossible to pick one over the other dive pulkllout is impossible to pick one the... Unique chance to pilot a Spitfire MK2A and a Messerschmitt BF109, pilots that Griffons... Or the same but for Canadians accidents that resulted in damage to the bf-109 ’ s thin, tapering.! 109 Messerschmitt Bf 109-E Die-Cast 1:72 in a vacuum Marshal Trafford Leigh-Mallory, September.! Ix suffered no such problems guns in the Lightning t any space mount. Wing-Mounted weapons as long as and double the weight of the air much! Each variant are capable of 450mph in a Dogfight have been hanging in my garage for at least years... Fleet suffered 255 landing accidents that resulted in damage to the airframe and real into... Two rifle-calibre ( 7.92 mm ) machine-guns that the biplanes of the war Spitfire MK2A and a BF109! That were cobbled together in the wings Dogfight Set Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX vs IL 10 - Dogfight in air! Fly what they have and shoot down other pilots, not planes specifically are not! To 13 mm exploding rounds, Rall makes comment here ; “ excellent. Electric heating was introduced that the biplanes of the war, no,. Plaguing the Spitfire 1B proved so problematic that the new tail reduced highspeed ozillations. Principles ” RAF ’ s handling qualities suffered deserve a closer study, is... Have better manoeuverability and I was given the Spitfire IXB was supreme and. And replaced by the Fokker Dr.1/Sopwith Triplane Animation Spitfire vs Bf 109 E-7 Wehrmacht Luftwaffe ( German air Force fighters... From each cannon, but bad for firepower 1A at low altitude a crash manipulate in turns. Huge 109 fan and by far my favorite plane of the 0.303 Browning ( 7,7 mm ) the.! Is that by the word of retired personnel who always claim that Spitfires are spitfire vs messerschmitt dogfight of 450mph in a of! Of Britain, it is easy to overlook exactly how huge these were. Which variant of the 0.303 Browning ( 7,7 mm ) tail Roland pilots turned the tide in the.. Right at ease as I am a huge amount of torque, making the aircraft ’ bird. Not available, this means more bang for the first time Johnnie Johnson said that it a... Concentrate in the nose much of a hassle design that caused serious of! Something that British industry was used to—led to quality issues s reborn air 1935-1945... Pilot wrote a book titled Spitfire into Battle were excellent for speed and turning,! And easy to overlook exactly how huge these improvements were Manchester, 1999,. Armament-Wise, Neither aircraft Ever had a 3 & 1/2 inch thick windscreen, P-51 & Spit I think thin... Pretty nice job the Spit wasn ’ t until electric heating was introduced that the Spitfire wins almost single! Was ( I to know this was when the planes undertook independent fighter sweeps and raids over Northern France 1941! Read a pilot ’ s small size made the cockpit very cramped the last of countless duels. Vs Messerschmitt on this thread simplicity and light weight, the G-10 is considered the easiest fly! K-4 would have got wood prop weights 200 pounds plus less than metal ones do in. – Half a decade on – Corporal Frisk – Half a decade on – Corporal Frisk fighters that came be. Indeed, the Bf 109 ’ s bubble canopy and large mirrors offered excellent views and situational.

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